Sunday, September 25, 2022

PanOceania Tikbalang and Neoterra Bolts

During this summer I found the time to paint some juicy models to enrich my PanO army.

After a very long search I've finally managed to put my hands on Tikbalang model (and Uhlan too...), one of the most wanted OOP miniature of Panoceania, which is experiencing a second youth in N4 edition. If you want to read more about my Tikbalang debut on the gaming table, dont' miss Episode #8 of  "Operation Neon Tiger" narrative campaign.

Painting this model was quite challanging, due to the huge number of details if compared to the most recent TAGs which provides bigger and smoother surfaces. After defining volumes and lights with airbrush, I spent more or less nine hours to paint the details, adding some NMM parts and attempting my first "chipping". A final little effort to sculpt some green stuff around the base of the model to embed the metal base (trunk and roots) with the plastic 4omm base.

The result was definitely worth the effort! I leave you some pics to enjoy.

Talking about OOP miniatures - SWC Neoterra Bolts in this case - I've done my best to convert some spare fusiliers and one Akalis in order to bring four Bolts out of them. Some head/arm/backpack swap and the job was done!

I expected a faster painting, but the number of details and the slenderness of the female models forced me to slow down the process (approx. 3 hours per model).

 Scroll down for a group shot!

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