Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Modern Aircraft 1/200 scale models

Hi everybody!
This is my last experiment; not a hard work. The hardest part was to find these aircrafts (by Furuta models) at reasonable price. It took me several months, searching the web for a bargain.
I finally got these four models for 15 $, put them on hex flight stands with 2mm diameter magnets.

Now the "tricky" part. Since I had some spare missle from previous kits, I decided to find a way to use them to create some plausible accessory to be used during the dogfights. 
What you see in the next pics it's the result of my experiment. I used four pipe cleaners, and at the far end of them I glued the missles.

In the end I slightly improved the flight stands by adding them a small plastic ring, obtained from cutting an emplty ink refill of a pen.


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